Being in shape by choice but curvaceous by birth, I always had a difficult time finding a bathing suit that complimented my figure and that fit properly. I found that I had to constantly re-adjust my swimwear, leading to much frustration and - ultimately - loss of confidence.

I was not alone. The average woman gets lost when trying to find a swimsuit, with most brands catering either to skinny or to plus-size women while ignoring the vast majority of women inbetween.

Having an extensive background in styling a broad scope of body types, while working with different garment manufacturing & design techniques has allowed me to create a brand that is focused solely on fit, support and quality.

Formes is a brand that embraces every curve of every body type. Whether you are big busted with a small tushy, small chested with a nice full derrière, or you are blessed with both, our swimwear is flattering for every size and shape.

We start from scratch on the fit of swimwear, building shapes that flatter a woman’s figure while feeling on trend and fashion forward. Support is what matters to us first and foremost, in order to achieve figure flattering designs that never go out of style. Our goal is to make you feel confident and sexy on and off the sand. Always be in love with the skin you're in!


XX Rachel