The “Buckle Up” line uses a buckle in various and unexpected spots, showing the versatility of this hardware. Whether it is a buckle back, buckle belt, or buckle suspender, this line plays off of our primary objective of support and perfectly portrays how style doesn’t have to be compromised with fit and form, but rather heightened.


With this line, we wanted to create pieces that are knits suited for the water, in beautiful shapes and classic styles with a modern twist. The issue with previous knitwear bathing suits has been its inability to keep its shape. With our understructure, we don’t have to compromise. What we love about this line is how easily it can be transitioned from the beach to the streets, styles worn well with a skirt, jeans or layered. The line further displays how you don’t have to choose between silhouette and fit. We choose both. 


The primary objective of "Shape Up" is to start from scratch on the fit of swimwear, building shapes that flatter a woman’s figure while feeling on trend & fashion forward. The foundation of "Shape Up" is supportive, flattering fitting swimwear without compromising quality or style.The swimwear industry caters predominantly to a thin, model-like physique. For the curvier woman, or the body types that vary from the idealized figure we see in ads & magazines worldwide, it is very difficult to find a well-constructed suit that also has a fashionable style. We want to change this. "Shape Up" will appeal not only to the fashion forward woman, but also the woman who simply appreciates a classic, flattering style. "Shape Up" allows you to feel secure, confident & sexy.



A higher priced, more exclusive line, the capsule collection debuts high fashion pieces using beautiful detail to challenge the standard of the swimwear industry. The intention of this line is to be easily used for editorial, viewed as not only swimwear but exquisite pieces that can be altered to ready to wear. When choosing to wear one of our capsule pieces to the beach, women will feel confident, knowing this suit is sharpening their style on the beach, while transitioning easily beyond the sand.